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<3d halloween nail artp>Last night marked the finale of Breaking Bad, which was a thing of beauty, devastation and other less vague things we cannot speak of for fear of spoilers. What we can talk about is that tomorrow marks an exciting new dawn for the show's millions of fans - Halloween month!

One of the many great things about Breaking Bad beauty is that can give a subtle hint of geek chic or transform you into the stuff of nightmares. It's also a good thing to have on under your Hazmat suit in the case of rocking up to a Halloween party where everyone's dressed as sexy animals à la Mean Girls.

See below for the Internet's best Breaking Bad-themed beauty tutorials and fill October's Sunday nights with nail polish, rhinestones and weirdly colored cosmetics. Even better, do it with a friend, because if your culturally relevant couples costume isn't Walt and Jessie you are legally obligated to dress as Miley and Robin Thicke.

1. DIY Nail Decals & Liquid Sand Nails Featuring Heisenberg / Breaking Bad
This is just stunning. It's kinda fiddly but so worth it, and DO NOT skimp on top coat because chipping the Heisenberg nail will probably make you cry.

2. B reaking Bad Nails
This is a slightly nerdier and less shiny version incorporating the Periodic Table:

3. Breaking Bad Inspired Makeup Tutorial
This girl uses Sephora's Disney collection to get a crystal meth-inspired eye, which is kind of awesomely ironic. She also uses the term 'eyeball sack':

4. Halloween Makeup: Breaking Bad
This terrifying look doubles as a spoiler from Season 4:

5. Halloween Makeup: Walter White Breaking Bad
Bald caps are always a fun time, and if you're lacking in Y chromosomes you can use eyeshadow to get Walt's goatee:

Thanks, Internet!

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