BANGALORE: Karnataka government employees reaching office late will lose half-day leave or salary from November 1. The government is gearing up to discipline errant government employees by introducing biometrics attendance system and monitor their login time live online.

According to a circular issued by principal secretary (department of personnel and administrative reforms) Shalini Rajneesh on September 4 (a copy of which is with The Times of India), all government offices must install the biometric system by October 31. This will replace the old system of manually recording the attendance of employees in a register.

When an employee swipes his/her smart card in office, the system records the details of arrival and departure, and any office-related outdoor duty. The employees get a 30-minute cushion to enter the office. Any delay more than 30 minutes attracts half-day leave or pay cut, a senior official in the e-governance department said.

The move follows complaints flooding the government against employees' late arrivals and bunking office. A senior DPAR officer said: "The employees raised a hue and cry when we introduced the dress code, which was, in fact, based on a request by their association's office-bearers. We hope they won't complain now. This e-attendance initiative is a step towards e-governance."

According to sources, some employees would attend office once a week, but sign in the register for all the seven days and avail salary. Some others sign the attendance register and leave the office for unofficial work. The introduction of biometric system will help the government check this menace.

As per the circular, the departments must buy the biometric-reader system from the empanelled gadget suppliers, and the e-governance department will provide the technical help. "The secretariat has successfully introduced the system. We've no qualms about such plans,'' Karnataka State Government Employees' Association president L Byrappa said.

Strict vigil

Branded biometric attendance system costs between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000

System introduced in the secretariat, Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha and major departments and government colleges in Bangalore three years ago as a pilot

Once all offices introduce biometric system, attendance will be monitored live by department heads

There are about 5.5 lakh Karnataka government employees

Source: Indiatimes

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